1. What type of courses do you offer? Currently we focus on the CFA Level I exam offering a 62 online videos for each of the readings.
  2. Where are the courses held? We have moved away from holding live courses to purely online courses
  3. What books are used in Safri Capital CFA® Level I review courses? We have created the material in order for you to use the CFA designated books or the study materials provided by Schweser. Each set of notes has their pro's and con's and should be decided upon according to the individual
  4. Can I use the previous years notes for the current exam? Every year in September the CFA release changes to the curriculum for the following years exams. We would recommend buying the material relevant for the exam as there are often material changes that you could be unaware of.
  5. How many hours of studying should I do for the exam? The minimum amount of studying recommended by the CFA Institute is 250 hours per exam. It must be noted that this is the minimum amount of time needed and more time will be needed if you have difficulty grasping the material.
  6. How can I pay for the course? Online payment via credit or debit card will be available from July 2015
  7. How can I register for the course? You can register by filling out an online application form. Confirmation will be sent with your username and password to access the online videos within 48 hours of payment.
  8. If I register for a course does that take care of my registration for the exam? Registration for this course DOES NOT register you for the exam. You will have to register for the exam on the CFA Institutes website and pay the relevant fees.
  9. How do I join a study group? Fill out the application form on this site, we will organize groups of 3-7 people. In the first few weeks of class groups will be assigned with everyones contact details etc.
  10. Which Calculator should I obtain? If you are not used to reverse polarization then it is recommend to use the Texas Instruments BAII Plus. It is easier and less complicated to learn. However those that use the HP 12C all recommend it, if you do decide to use the HP 12C then give yourself extra time to learn the functions and get comfortable with it.
  11. Is help available should I have trouble grasping a topic? Yes you will have access to the tutors via email.
  12. I am still trying to decide whether it is worthwhile to take the course? The material you learn is not rocket science it can be done through self study. The problem with the material is the volume, studying while working full time puts you under tremendous pressure and it can often be difficult to keep yourself motivated and on target. If you have topics that you struggle to grasp it can be difficult to get an understanding when you have no one to consult. By joining a course you offer yourself the opportunity to interact with others and seek help when needed. The course also helps in giving you motivation to keep yourself on target and ahead of the game
  13. Are the notes supplied by Safri Capital sufficient for me to pass the exam? CFA Program reading assignments comprise the core of study. Prep Provider courses and materials are developed to complement the CFA Program curriculum and to facilitate the learning process, not to be used as a substitute for study of the prescribed curriculum.
  14. Is Safri Capital registered with the Prep Providers Program? Yes we are registered with the Prep Providers Program. 

Online Course for 2016 to be released soon

For the 2016 Exams Safri Capital will be expanding their course offering to include an online course for the Level I Exam that will allow candidates the opportunity to do the course online. Candidates will be offered a variety of packages to cater to your strengths and weaknesses...

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